Toulouse, France city guide

Toulouse is definitely one of my favorite cities I’ve ever spent time in a wonderful blend of traditional French culture to the Spanish flu and modern technology. E ‘headquarters of Airbus, one of the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers, as well as several other high-tech engineering company. Toulouse is situated in the south-west France, 100 km to 200 km north of Spain and the Atlantic Ocean about 150 km from the Mediterranean Sea.

Toulouse is not a big city but decent enough, especially because there are no elevated buildings – I do not bring to mind ever having seen the construction of more than five or six stories – but this is the way in France. It is considered the fourth largest city in France, close to half million people in cities and 1.1 million in metropolitan Paris and beyond, and just behind Marseille and Lyon. According to its scene near the Pyrenees, the French-Spanish border, the climate is very soft. Pyrenees, with many peaks above 3000 meters, is a popular destination for skiers in winter, especially in the western part of the chain. However, the mountains tend to absorb moisture and cold air from Toulouse. January, the high temperature about 50 ° F (10 ° C) and highs in July around 82 ° F (28 ° C), with a slight decline.

In Toulouse, you can have the benefit of many traditional dishes, such as the French bourgignon Boeuf, but the local specialty Cassoulet. It is is one of my favorite food now. This is essentially a soup, sausage sausage, duck, pork, beans and beans. Very popular in the paella, a traditional Spanish dish with rice and a variety of seafood. Toulouse is a reliable and clean tube. It is only 2 lines but it is all heavy business areas, bus and take just one other place you would want to go. One can have budget Toulouse hotels easily when you get there.

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